I am Integrative Health Coach trained through Duke Integrative Medicine and a DONA International trained Childbirth Doula.

AND, most importantly, I am a mother just like you. As a mother, I struggled in silence during the postpartum period. I did not share my experience because I thought that there was something wrong with me. Maybe I missed out when God gave out the ‘motherhood gene.

But when I started to speak openly and honestly about my experience I found that I was not alone. What I was experiencing was not uncommon at all. In fact, almost all of the mothers that I spoke to could relate to my struggle. Being honest with myself and others about my experience was a game changer for me. I started to regain perspective on my life and reconnect to who I am, as a person.

I allowed myself to honor and prioritize my needs and go after my true calling to help and serve others, in my unique way. Inspired by my personal experience, I decided to incorporate everything that I learned into my coaching training to create a revolutionary coaching program to help other mothers and women like me.

I created the Empowered Momma Coaching Program, a six-week intensive coaching program for new mothers. Through this program, I provide a platform for mothers to talk openly and honestly about their postpartum experience. I am passionate about helping mothers develop a loving and committed relationship with themselves, define what makes them happy and fulfilled, build confidence in themselves, and create a strategy and goals in order to get want they want.

I also believe that empowering mothers to be who they are and get what they want is the best way to inspire our children and others to do the same. My life and work are hugely inspired by my spiritual practice.

I spent four years traveling and living in spiritual communities throughout Latin America and Europe contemplating four fundamental questions: Who Am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? and What is my contribution?

This time spent in contemplation and meditation strongly influences my approach to coaching which I describe as Radical Mindfulness. Through my Radical Mindfulness approach, I combine presence and stillness with a focus on strategies, action, and goal-setting.

I currently live in North Carolina with my husband and daughter. I love playing pranks on people, teaching myself to sew, and cutting tiny bits of paper. My husband and I are in the process of creating our dream life complete with building a country home and filling it with music, children, chickens, dogs, and other critters!

“Let’s do something REVOLUTIONARY. It’s called being honest.”

–Cathy Ospina


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