I’ve been wanting to go to an aerial arts class for about two years—that’s not an exaggeration. Two years ago I was pregnant and I decided that doing acrobatics was probably not the best idea :/  And then, I kind of forgot about it…

Until…just the other day I met an aerial arts instructor at a Christmas parade.

She reignited my interest and told me where and how I could sign up for classes. 

I followed her instructions and I tried to sign up online but all the classes were full :/

So I emailed the instructor to let me know if a space opened up. 

Around 5:30 (the class started at 7:30 and the studio is a 1-hour drive from my house) I received an email that a space opened up 🙂

I would love to say that when the opportunity presented itself to go to an aerial arts class I leapt at it immediately..

but the truth is, I actually tried to talk myself out of going. 

Here is the monologue going on inside my head:
  “It’s too far” 
    “It’s raining”
    “It’s last minute”
    “I’ll miss dinner”
    “I have so much to do”
    “Who’s going to put the baby to sleep?” 

Luckily, another part of me spoke up and lovingly nudged my butt out the door.
 “You have to go,” it said. 

And I agreed. 

So I went! 

I arrived at the class and it was…

Awkward :/

It was my first time there. I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t feel graceful or skilled. I felt awkward and uncoordinated. And as I lack upper body strength, I found the movements to be quite challenging.

Yet despite all of that, I’m so glad I went. I left the class feeling energized exhilarated and excited! And I felt so proud of myself for doing something for me, even though it wasn’t easy or convenient. 

I realized, I didn’t go to be the best in the class. I didn’t go expecting that it would be good at it my first time around. 

I went because I wanted to go. Because I was interested and curious and because I like to learn and challenge myself to do new things. 

The reason why I’m telling y’all this is because sometimes the things that we want aren’t always convenient or they don’t come easy to us. In the moment, we may have to rearrange our schedule or get out of our comfort zone. In the moment you might want to say,“I’ll pass. I’ll wait until next time. I’ll wait until the class time fits into my schedule and I’ve eaten.”

But I encourage you not to do that. 

I encourage you to choose the thing that you want. 

Because the truth is, no one is going to do it for you. 

Prioritize the thing that you most want, it’s not always convenient and you may feel like a fool, but the pay-off is AMAZING! 

P.S. I really hope that my story inspires you to do something that you’ve wanted to do for a while but maybe haven’t gotten the chance to do. If you do, let me know! I would love to hear about it!  Hit reply and let me know what you did just for you! 

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