Following life-threatening postpartum depressions, Dr. Shoshana Bennett helped pioneer the field of maternal mental health in the U.S. She founded and led national and international organizations, plus authored four books on the topic. Educating professionals and the public, she emphasizes prevention and wellness.  She is a guest expert on countless TV and radio shows and consulted regularly by journalists. Dr. Shosh is the creator of the free app PPD Gone!, Executive Producer of Dark Side of The Full Moon, and recently co-founded Postpartum Action Institute.  Dr. Shosh earned two masters degrees, a doctorate, three teaching credentials and is a licensed psychologist. She has helped over 20,000 women worldwide.

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Postpartum Action Institute (PAI)

Are you a birth worker or maternal health collaborator interested in attending an in-person, intensive training with Dr. Bennett and Jane Honikman?
As mentioned in the interview, Dr. Bennett is the co-founder of Postpartum Action Institute (which I will be attending!) PAI is a 2-day intensive, in-person training with Dr. Bennett and Jane Honikman in Santa Barbara California October 28-29th. Register for PAI here .

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Dr. Shosh is offering a free 20 minute phone consultation (over $75 value)!  Contact her through and mention “Empowered Momma Live” in the email, voicemail or text and you’ll be contacted promptly.