I am feeling excited, joy-filled and nourished after attending an intensive two day training at Postpartum Action Institute. PAI is hosted by two pioneers in the field of postpartum health and wellness, Dr. Shoshana Bennett and Jane Honikman. (I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Shoshana Bennett for Empowered Momma Live. If you missed my interview with Dr. Bennett you can watch it HERE.) PAI aims to “confront the stigma of mental illness and the mythology surrounding new parenthood”.
I decided to attend PAI after carefully considering many trainings. I knew that I wanted a training to guide my work and my purpose of supporting new mothers. I wanted information about spotting the warning signs for Postpartum Depression and other mood disorders AND I wanted it delivered in a way that was REAL, PRACTICAL, and WOMAN-CENTERED.
PAI ticked all of those boxes.
Not only are Dr. Shosh and Jane Honikman pioneers in their field, they come from the advocate perspective. They are both survivors of Postpartum Mood Disorders and they have made it their mission to transform the way that new moms are seen, heard, and cared for.
They are both so humble and lovely that you would hardly believe that Jane Honikman founded Postpartum Support International…she just mentioned that as an “oh by the way.”
From the moment I arrived at Jane’s home in Santa Barbara, she and Shosh made me feel right at home. They both gave me a big hug and a kiss and offered me a delicious breakfast…obviously the way to a girl’s heart 🙂
We started the day by sharing our own experiences of being a new mom. We were all survivors there and through these shares I immediately felt connected to the other participants. I felt safe enough to share the extent of my own intrusive thoughts…something that I had not shared with anyone. It was such a beautiful, cathartic, and unified sharing.

Afterwards, Jane and Shosh went over some of the warning signs of Postpartum Mood Disorders as well as the myths about mood disorders and new parenthood. We discussed the different types of support groups and the role of the leader or facilitator in each.

On Day 2 was devoted to the creation of a plan of action. Each participant spoke about their mission and vision for what we want to create and the support we want to provide to new moms. Jane and Shosh asked us guiding questions to clarify our offerings and role of support also based on the needs in our local and or virtual communities.

Each of us left the training with a plan of action as well as the CONFIDENCE to lead and support fellow sister-women through the sometimes difficult transition to becoming a mom.

The last thing that I want to mention is that the training includes year-long mentoring via phone, email, or skype from Jane and Shosh.

If what I have talked about makes your heart sing and you know that supporting new moms is part of your life’s work, you can check out Postpartum Action Institute.

>>>>>>You can also REGISTER for the training here<<<<<
I am very excited to be of service by sharing with you transformational tools and resources 🙂
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