The Problem with Perfection

The Problem with Perfection is that it ALWAYS sets you up for failure. Because what we think of as perfection is just our idea of how things should be. And unfortunately, we cannot control circumstances or others to make things as we think that they “should be.” When we try to do so we are left very disappointed.

However, if you take the time to look, there is a type of perfection that does exist. When you give up your control of how things should be, you can open your eyes and see things as they are, without your judgements, labels and concepts. And when you see things exactly as they are, you can truly appreciate the beauty and perfection of what is.

As a mother, you must let go of your idea of perfection. When you let go of this control, you see that not only is your baby perfect just as she is, your ability to mother your baby is also perfect just as it is. When you stop trying to be a perfect mom, you realize that you ARE doing a good job. YOU are perfect just as you are.

Being a new mother may be one of the most difficult jobs on the planet and unfortunately baby care is not as innate or instinctual as you would hope. Like everything, being a mother takes time and practice to gain skill. Don’t expect get the hang of everything right from the outset. If you were starting an entirely new line of work would you expect yourself to be completely confidence and skilled by day three? Of course not. So why do you expect to be an skilled and confident mom by day three? Just because you are a woman and just because you carried your baby for nine months doesn’t mean that you will automatically know how to take care for a newborn.

Even if you feel like you are struggling now, watch you inner dialogue and negative self-talk. Be kind and compassionate about the way that you speak to yourself. And if you think that being hard on yourself is necessary in order to be a good mother or be a good partner, think again. Often the people most intimate to us pick up on our energy rather than our words or actions. Rather than trying to be externally perfect, practice compassion, kindness, and love from the inside out.

How will you be kind, compassionate, and self-honoring today? Post your reply in the comments section below.