Hi I’m Cathy!

I’m a Lightworker, Birth Doula, and Life Coach.

It’s my mission on the planet to bring in the new code of motherhood on behalf of the future children.

The new code of motherhood is Karma Yoga or Selfless Service to others.

We are part of a collective and we need to start thinking and acting like one.

Just like bees in a hive, each one of us has a special part to play and we need each other to create.

The problem is that we’ve been trying to create honey all alone.

We’ve been thinking Me Me Me.

And we need to start thinking We We We.

That’s the shift that we each individually need to make and that is what will shift you most vibrationally as you walk the sacred path of motherhood.


My job isn’t to heal you.

Its simply to hold space for you to heal yourself.

And to facilitate a community where you can see yourself as a part of the whole, and help to heal other women as well.

Cathy Ospina is a Lightworker, Birth Doula, Life Coach and mom of two incredible girls. It is her mission to bring in the new code of motherhood on behalf of the new children. She holds space for women on the journey of motherhood to heal themselves.

She is an integrative health coach through Duke Integrative Medicine a birth doula trained through DONA International and has received additional trainings through the Women’s Integrative Health Institute and Postpartum Action Institution.


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